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What is a Mobile Network Signal Booster and How Does it Work?

Posted by Booster Signal India - Dec 25, 2017

Mobile phone signal booster are the receptor that are invented in order to boost the signal reception of the mobile to enjoy undisrupted call and internet connection.

The mobile phone signal boosters are developed to to amplify weak signal and clear the disturbances caused by the obstruction coming in way of signal coverage to provide strong signal. This includes obstructions such as construction materials, trees, hills, buildings as well as big distance between towers and the precinct mobile phone user resides.

In order to solve issues like these, we are here to help you out. Permanent solution for the bad signal reception is mobile signal booster.

Every Mobile network signal booster comes with an outside antenna, which is installed on the roof for better reception of signals. The antenna fetch the signal coming from the signal towers and transport it by a cable to a signal amplifier installed inside the precinct. This system also works in reverse in order to ensure two way communication.

Mobile network signal booster are designed in such a way that they can be installed and used for all types of the network carrier providers. No matter which phone you are using, it is also not like that you can use signal booster only for 4g handsets. These Mobile network signal booster are very well compatible with all types of devices as well be it 2g, 3g or 4g. There are variety of cell phone boosters available that are designed to serve multiple requirements. One cell phone signal booster typically boosts 1-2 mobile signals but there are also some that can amplify the signal strength of diverse cell phones simultaneously.

Do you know? One of the advantage which very few know is that the boosted connection from cell phone signal booster extend the cell phone battery by 180 minutes of extra talk time.

Types of Cell Phone Signal Booster

Smart Signal Boosters.

Smart Signal Boosters are new-age technically advanced signal receptors. These are in form of wireless using digitally powerful baseband processors. These booster are little more expensive as compared to Bi-Directional repeaters but when compared to the features, it looks like way less inexpensive. Some of its features are: easy to install, wireless, internal donor antenna inside, no outdoor antennas and many others.

Analog Signal Booster

Also known as Bi-Directional repeaters. All mobile signal boosters are generally analog and use traditional technology to amplify all mobile phone carrier frequencies. Analog signal boosters are sold together with an outdoor antenna cable. These booster can be used for both two ways radio and cellular phones.

In simple words, a Cell Phone Booster:

  • Establishes reliable connection.
  • Boosts the 4G LTE, 3G or 2G voice signal.
  • Amplifies internet speed and call quality.
  • Diminishes coverage issues
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